Altitude Sickness & Preparation for Salkantay Trek

Cusco city is at 3300 masl, and the 2 first days of the Salkantay trek are also very high, second day the highest is Pass Salkantay at 4600 m.a.s.l (15 180 feets) this altitude could cause in some travelers some health problems like headache, vomits, etc. around 25% of travelers could feel this symptoms called “Soroche”, this is the reason why we advise stay in Cusco city unless 2 days before the trek for your body take time to acclimatize, is good to eat sweet product, sugar help in this process.

If you are older than 50 years old and are not in good shape, we advise you to take around 5 days in Cusco city to acclimatize, and do exercises before to come to Cusco, because Salkantay trek is moderate hard, but if you are in good shape you will enjoy it more, and avoid health problems.

For all ages we advise practice any kind of physical exercise an hour per day, one month before to come to Cusco.

Drink Coca tea (Coca leaves tea – legal in Peru) helps to acclimatize, is part of the old Inca culture, Incas used to chew coca leaves to get energy during hikes.

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