Salkantay Survival Tips

Salkantay treks is consider by hiker like moderate, we walk around 60 miles (89 km), from snowy mountains, high jungle, and Machu Picchu we need to be prepare for this challenge, we advise:

  • Acclimatize unless 2 days in Cusco city before start the trek
  • Bring sweet snack like energetic bars with honey during trek
  • Bring a good sleeping bag
  • Bring a flashlight
  • Use sun cream protector and insect repellent
  • Use good quality shoe
  • Port a map
  • Port a Swiss Knife
  • Use a hat
  • If you use some specific medicines do not forget to bring with you
  • If you require a specific diet please let us know some days before trek begins for buy everything necessary.
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