Salkantay Trek Frequently Asked Questions

1- How do I reserve a space for the Salkantay (Salcantay) Trek?

Please contact us by e-mail at Carlos or Karen will ask during 24 hours later.

To get more information about our treks, we invite you to contact us by skype so we can talk with calm at no cost, our skype account is bestandestravel or by facebook at

2- I Couldn’t find a space for the Traditional Inca Trail, what is the best alternative option?

Salkantay Trek is clearly the best option, because this trek has not a limited space number and because is really beautiful, with a variety of different altitudinal levels, archeological attractive, natural beauty, etc. This is the reason why National Geographic Magazine consider Salkantay trek (Salcantay trek) among the 25 best treks in the world.

3- How difficult is Salkantay Trek?

It is a moderate trek, we walk an average of 15 Km by day, it is not too much, but second day we up until 4600 masl so we need a preparation, and arrive to Cusco city unless 2 days before to begin the trek to be acclimatized.

4- Best Andes Travel – Treks provides water along the Salkantay Trek?

Yes, each hiker need to bring a bottle water or a canteen, during trek we will fill it any time that be required by you.

We provide also beverages at meals times like juices, teas, coffees, etc.

Optional: You can bring your own water purify tablets, it are sell at drugstores and need to be put at stream water in your bottle unless by 1 hour before to drink it.

5- What do I need to carry?

Every hiker need to carry their personal items; try to choose products of lightweight because during trek you will feel every kilogram.

Our mules will carry food, cooking stuff, and tents.

If you do not feel well during trek, we always have an extra mule that can carry your personal items.

6- Could the altitude sickness affect me?

25% of tourist feels some problem related the altitude, but normally young people has less problems, normally headache, read more at ……….Altitude sickness

7- What to do if I feel altitude sickness problems?

Normally the body take around 2 days to acclimatize, if you feel bad you will need down of altitude if it is possible, sleep with the feet up put pillows under that help to blood go to your brain, because the headache is by lack of oxygen, eat a few because if you eat a lot blood will go to the stomach and you will feel dizzy, use a bottle of oxygen by around 10 minutes, stop and later take more oxygen.

99% of tourist are better after 2 days, in case you not feel better would be necessary go to a local clinic or return to Lima because symptoms use to disappear when you arrive to the sea level.

We advise to arrive to Cusco unless to 2 days before to begin the Salkantay trek to acclimatize.

8- I have some medical problems. Can I still do the trek?

You can visit your doctor before to make your reservation or deposit, we will ask by a document of your doctor that say that you are fit to participate of the Salkantay Trek that has a maximum altitude of 4600 masl, you need also to think that during the trail there are not medical assistance or facilities to go to a hospital quickly so if your medical condition is not good we advise not take this trek.

If your illness is under control and your doctor says that you are on fit to participate at the Inca trail, we will happy to accept your booking, but we will advise to acclimatize in Cusco city at least 4 days, and take the trek accompany by a friend who will need to know what medicines do you take, and how proceed in case of emergency.

Best Andes Travel – Trekking not accept any responsibility, either directly or indirectly, for any problems due to your medical condition or dietary requirements.

9- How much money should I take?

You need few money, only to buy some souvenirs, for the last lunch, to entrance to hot springs, or for an eventuality, we recommend to bring around S/ 300 in small checks, and US$ 50, it is enough.

10- How far is from Lima to Cusco?

It is a flight of around 55 minutes; there are many good local companies like Lan peru, Avianca, Star Peru, Peruvian airlines, etc.

11- When is the best time to take Salkantay Trek?

We advise to take the Salkantay trek during dry season from May to November, because during rainy season is more difficult to walk and could be dangerous.

12- What entry documents do I need for Salkantay Trek?

You need only your valid passport and the paper form that tourist fill at the airport at the moment of enter to Peru.

13- Is safe to travel in Peru?

At every country is possible to have a bad moment, in Peru we advise to take care in Lima because is a big city. In Cusco we have problems with pickpockets, they love cameras, mobile phones, tablets and wallets, 99% of the times they take something and run, at Cusco center is very rare that happen because they are many policies and cameras, but out of the center there are more problems.

If you take some foresights you will enjoy your days in Cusco without problems.

We advise:

  • Not get a lot of money with you, only the necessary.
  • Not show expensive electronic devices at public places.
  • Not walk alone by lonely streets.
  • If you go to dance or to a pub and return late is better take a taxi.

* Salkantay trek is safe, there not reported any assault in the past 10 years.

14- What happen if I become sick in Cusco?

Cusco is a touristic city, there are many clinics with English speaker staff, they also work with international medical insurances, we advise to buy a Medical insurance in your country before to come to Peru.

15- Advises about food?

We know that you are coming from far from with many dreams to have a good time in Peru, please take care about food because many tourists around 10% has problem with the stomach by the “traveler’s Diarrhea” or parasites. Both problems are easy to avoid.

  • Never eat at street or San Pedro market, food is very cheap but is not enough clean
  • Never eat mayonnaise, ketchup, uchucuta (traditional Spicy green cream) when they are open, Peruvian restaurant use to put these creams at small dishes or bowls, but some time it has many days and a lot of bacteries (If you want to try these cream buy it in small packages).
  • Eat only boiled vegetables, avoid lettuce could have parasites.
  • Not eat ham, not eat ceviche (raw fish) in Cusco because is far from the ocean, is not fresh.

16- How I get my hotel from Cusco airport?

We work with some hotels that offer pick up services include in its price.

If you arrange a hotel by yourself and not includes pick up, we can arrange it for you by US$ 10, we will need only your flight number and arriving time to Cusco.

17- May Best Andes Travel arranges a Hotel for me?

Yes, we work with they have good prices, nice rooms, free Wi-Fi, excellent hot water, TV by cable, free pick up service and breakfast buffet (Single room US$ 70, Double or Matrimonial US$ 80 rates lower than hotel website).

We can arrange it for you and add to your balance to be paid in Cusco at our office.

18- When should I come to your office?

When you arrive to Cusco, please rest a little and later visit us at our office to pay your remain balance unless 30 hours before your trek begins, you can pay in American dollars or Peruvian soles in cash, or with Visa card with 6% of extra charge.

Our office is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 13:00 and from 15:20 to 19:45.

Sunday office is close.

19- What happens if my flight or bus is delayed and I am not able to get to the office to pay the Salkantay trek balance on time?

We advise to plan your arriving in Cusco unless 3 days in advance to avoid problems with flight or bus delay, and also for you have time to acclimatize.

According our policies if trek is not full paid until 30 hours before the trek departs we reserve the right to cancel your Salkantay booking.

In case of any eventuality please call to our office; we help you to solve this problem.

20- Best Andes Travel provides training to their staff?

All our guides receive training every year in first aid and mountain rescue.

All our staff receives courses of quality customer service.

We receive also courses about Inca culture, flora and fauna of our region.

21- There is toilet during trek?

We bring a toilet tent that we install at every campsite; during trek is not toilet, except the last 2 days.

22- Should I give a tip to guides, porters, cooks, etc. ?

Give tips is not a custom for Peruvians, but people who work at tourist field expect a tip, not a big tip because every employee already receive a good salary, we suggest give a small tip around US$ 10 – 20.

23- Best Andes Travel can cancel my Salkantay Trek under any situation?

The only situation to cancel a confirmed booking is by unexpected or uncontrolled events like: A strike, people who block road or rail, an earthquake, a flooding, etc.

In that situation we will re-schedule your trek ASAP.


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